Vertical Blinds

Looking for Vertical Blinds or Vertical Window Treatments?

Finding horizontal blinds or window treatments isn't necessarily that difficult. Finding proven, experienced, and good help for those blinds and windows is another story, and finding help for vertical blinds or vertical window treatments? Well, that could be even more problematic, unless you know who to talk to and where to go.

Welcome to your source for vertical blinds, vertical window treatments, and more. We are The Blind Spot Custom Window Fashions, and we have been in the business of blinds, windows, and doors for more than 30 years, and now we have opened a new location in Las Vegas. What that means is proven, experienced, and good help for people and businesses looking for blinds, from vertical to horizontal and custom, to window and door treatments.

If you are looking for blinds or shades, or if you have questions about window or door treatments, then look no longer and begin finding the solutions you want and need. Talk to an expert at The Blind Spot Custom Window Fashions - Las Vegas, and let us help you figure out the best options for your situation.

From colors and designs to custom blinds for all of your vertical blind needs and more, let The Blind Spot help. Contact us today, and let's begin planning your next great look for that door or those windows for your home or business. At The Blind Spot Custom Window Fashions - Las Vegas, we want to be the end of your search for vertical blinds and vertical window treatments and the source for all of your window blinds and shades.