Window Shades

Window Shades that Shine

The primary purpose of window shades is to block light or control the amount of light let in. That is, of course, in addition to being used for matters of privacy. The type of horizontal window shades, the quality of those shades, and the service you get with them, also determines which window shades are the right horizontal window shades for you.

Do you need shades that block the light completely or window shades that allow for some light? Do you need shades that will be durable enough to use often or that can endure more harsh environments? From the design to the color and the purpose of the window shade, find it at The Blind Spot Custom Window Fashions, and find the right horizontal window shade for your home, office, or business. For more than three decades we have been in the business of windows and doors, including blinds and shades, and we can find the perfect shades to make your window shine.

It doesn't matter if it is custom, traditional, or even an unusual type and size of door or window, The Blind Spot Custom Window Fashions - Las Vegas can help. For more information about our blinds, services, or getting custom shades for your doors and windows, contact us today and let our team show you the difference the right window shades and the right company can make.